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PowerMock can be used to test code normally regarded as untestable! Have you ever heard anyone say that you should never use static or final methods in your code because it makes them impossible to test? Have

Pex – Automated Exploratory Testing for .NET

Pex is a white-box test generation tool for .NET. Starting from a hand-written parameterized unit test, Pex analyzes the program-under-test to determine relevant test inputs fully automatically. To this end, Pex executes the program multiple times with

Good Test, Better Code – From Unit Testing to Behavior-Driven Development

“Testing is design”; “Unit tests are documentation”; “Tests are specifications”. These are sought-after rewards of developer testing practices, but simply writing tests or even writing tests before writing production code doesn’t make these wishes come true. When

TDD: It’s About More Than Just “Testing”

Recently, in the Rails community, there has been an upsurge of interest in testing. For instance, in the past year alone, we’ve seen the introduction of a bevy of new testing-related gems (i.e. context, cucumber, factory_girl, remarkable,

More Test Driven Development With Javascript: JsTestDriver

Demonstration of JsTestDrive technology and how you can use it to TDD your JavaScript code. Good blog  posting evaluating JsTestDrive