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Agile is not an Option

Agility is not an option. It is a matter of business survival. By now, we all know that software is at the core of most business. The world of business continues to accelerate at a pace that appears to be increasing. The key competitive advantage appears to have moved from product innovation and development to business model innovation.

Yet, most companies are still trying to run with antiquated business and management models that worked in the early XX century and are ill-suited for the XXI century and the knowledge economy. Why does this matter? In the past few years the Agile world has been evolving at a lightening speed and incorporating lots of exciting ideas. Many borrowed and adapted from other fields.

Trying to transform development teams to use any of the agile framework is not enough. To survive, companies have to enhance the entire Business Agility. Thankfully, we have been influencing more and more other layers of the business and with that we have (re)discovered the power of things like Business Agility, Flow Management, Lean, Kanban, Complexity Theory, Theory of Constraints, Liquidity, Business Mapping, and so on. Business Agility continues to emerge, mature and evolve. In this talk, Jose will attempt to share what is exciting him (and what is scaring him, too). As an emerging talk, he does not promise to hit this objective, but he will do his best!

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