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Great UX, Despite Agile

More and more, we hear UX design and agile software development in the same sentence. Many flavors of agile have borrowed from UX design practices successfully and agile practices have been influencing design methods for a long time. While there are many overlapping areas, there are fundamental differences between agile software development and design practices.

This talk discusses how UX designers and agile developers can work together by recognizing that strategic, discovery-based design and production-level design are two vastly different activities. It shows how to run a parallel discovery track, and how to make production-level design a part of the agile process. It also discusses how to adapt to different team structures and project needs and shares tips about how you can communicate this hybrid approach to your designers, developers, PMs and QA teams. Participants who are new to agile practices will get a chance to see how agile practices developed historically and how they compare to mature design practices. Designers and developers will get a chance to see agile approaches from a different perspective. Experienced practitioners will get a chance to see successful variations on the dual-track Scrum approach that have been tested in large enterprise and small agency settings.

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