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Build Measure Learn is Broken

This presentation provides an overview of the Lean Startup and Build Measure Learn framework, pros and cons of these approaches, and tips for teams to utilize these approaches to infuse learning into their process as soon as possible.

The Build, Measure, Learn loop is at the center of the Lean Startup approach, which is becoming increasingly popular among companies of all sizes. While the framework calls for very UX-friendly processes, such as collecting iterative feedback and focusing on building a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) required for doing so, the way most companies implement Build, Measure, Learn is broken and reinforces bad old habits of building first, assuming later. Many engineering teams use Build Measure Learn as an excuse to jump into building a skeleton version of a product, assuming that they can only get good feedback once they have working code. While most of us know you should incorporate research earlier, and the Lean Startup approach actually calls for it, it can be hard to change the minds of development-centered thinkers.

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