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Dealing with the Pesky People Parts of Software Development

This talk explores communications between coders, some of the personality challenges and interactions with normal people.From pocket watches to great cathedrals, craftsmen created wonders of the age. While individual skill, repetition and accomplishment was important, communication between the great craftsmen was key.

We will explore the use of code reviews (specifically Reviewing for Intent) in establishing a common culture and set of values which can adapt with changing conditions (and contrast against fixed standards), contrast whether you should use experts or novices in reviews (and the extra challenges from functional programming!) and attack the tricky issue of over engineering with a simple metrics based approach. We will then revisit some of the personality types – the princess programmer, the desperate dev, the cunning customer – who make a crafted solution such a challenge, and see where clear communication can (sometimes) turn an adversary into an ally, and look at the role of respect in crafting the right solution.

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