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Continuous Delivery is More Than Tools: It is a Culture

Some enterprise IT organisations are adopting Continuous Delivery and DevOps thinking that tools is enough to do the job, that all of a sudden they will go faster to market and build quality in because they are automating their existing delivery process. Just throwing tools at the problem is not enough; to be successful, organisations also need to adopt the right mindset and establish a culture of fast delivery, fast feedback, and continuous improvement.

In order to successfully implement Continuous Delivery an organisation should adopt the right mindset or culture that I like to bring using the 3 Ways of the DevOps culture as explained by the book “The Phoenix Project”. These are 3 easy to understand concepts that resonate:
* the first way, from left to right: maximising the flow from Dev to Ops to Customers
* the second way, from right to left: constant flow of fast feedback from Customers to Ops and Dev
* the third way: a culture of improvement

This explore these 3 Ways: what is it, what does this mean for an organisation and how does this relate to Continuous Delivery and Software Engineering. Learn about the 3 Ways of the DevOps culture and how this relates to the software delivery process of an IT organisation.

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