Agile Hiring: It is a Team Sport

When you think of hiring for your team, does the paperwork overwhelm you? Are you concerned about the number of interviews you seem to need to make a great decision? Do you ever have trouble making a decision, to know if this candidate is right for you –the team, the project, and the organization? You know the cost of hiring people is high, and the cost of not getting the right person is even higher.

You can apply agile approaches to your hiring, iterating on everything. You can get feedback as you go, and involve the entire team, including the sourcing. You can teach your recruiters to use a kanban board to track candidates and where they are in the pipeline. You can iterate on the job description (and job ad) based on what you see in candidates. When you involve the entire team, you can create questions and auditions that work for you. You can identify candidates who fit your culture and those who don’t.

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