Lean Startup for Software Developers

In 2010, I was a freelance software developer, working for an eCustoms software provider. I had always wanted to create my own company but the more I learned about what seemed to be necessary to create your own business (writing a business plan, gathering 3-year projections about your market, etc.), the more I doubted my abilities to do it. And then thanks to a Startup Weekend, I discovered Lean Startup and it was a real aha moment to me. Finally something that spoke to my Agile developer’s experience. Finally there was another way, a better way to create a startup, all based on experiments and iterations, minimizing waste and shipping stuff.

I won the startup weekend and I took it as a wake-up call. A few weeks later, I quit my job and I started working on my first startup, Kodesk, using Lean Startup techniques extensively. I learned a lot in the process, made some mistakes, launched another project, tried to do better, didn’t succeed, but yet again, improved my understanding of it. In this presentation, I’ll share some of the basics of creating your startup as a bored developer, as well as my own experience with it.

Video producer: http://www.devoxx.com/