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Lean UX is a Useful F***ing Lie

To understand LeanUX, we introduce Lean, Lean Systems, and Lean Startup to situate Lean UX in context. This introduction and discussion will use Kanban to explore various aspects and ideas of Lean UX such as hypothesis formulation, assumptions gathering, multi-hypothesis testing and designing / running experiments to create tight feedback loops of customer insight.

We cover aspects of LeanUX research, which is conducted to gain a validated understanding of the user’s problem hypothesis to understand if the problem we think customers have, is something they actually have before spending months and tens of thousands of dollars doing wasteful UX research & design time on a concept that delivers no customer value.

We also discuss lightweight techniques for sharing the research process with the entire team, covering the basics of customer research, interviewing, cognitive biases in user research, and how to create light-weight, rapid personas for solution hypothesis validation. We then cover collaborative ideation, designer pairing, and how lean teams work together to reduce batch size and increase the flow of customer business value increments – concepts mostly unheard of in product development teams following agile or waterfall ideologies.

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