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Getting More from your Distributed Agile Teams

Getting More from your Distributed Agile Teams

Agile is now commonly used in most organisations but most people struggle when the conditions are not in the ideal agile sweet-spot of collocation and small teams. In fact most organisations rarely experience situations that are ideal for agile due to working internationally, with multiple teams and perhaps 3rd party suppliers.

This presentationlooks at what things you need to get right and covers areas such as:
* How do you get agile to work on large-scale projects when teams are in different locations?
* How do you address widely differing time zones with small overlaps?
* How significant are cultural differences?
* How do you create a ‘rich communication’ environment?
* What problems are to do with agile, and what are just problems, and nothing to do with agile!
* How important are the tools you use?
* Do traditional project management disciplines have a role to play?

Offshoring is here to stay but the successful use of agile in this environment is still the exception and not the rule. This presentation directly addresses how to improve agile in a distributed context. It challenges existing perceptions and presents alternatives that may surprise you. It also focuses on what the number one problem really is and this may not be what you think it is!

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