The Chaos of Leadership or the Leadership of Chaos

Our world suffers from terminal normality. Our world also suffers from too much false expertise, wrong answers, manipulative influence, and bad advice. In this chaos we are taught to make our way to be a success!

And we get skewered. Frequently. We’re told to lead, that leadership is influence but those in power, i.e., The Leaders, are notoriously poor at more than they admit. So, we ask: How Do You Know? How do you gain perspective? How do you think for yourself and then lead yourself and others with confidence? Indeed, how do you organize and lead chaos itself?

With more than 50+ years of leadership study, Scotty and Christopher challenge you today to explore leadership in 5 deceptively simple words they use as guideposts everyday: Intention, Integration, Awareness, Confront, and Contribution.

Video producer: Central Ohio Agile Association (COHAA)