When Agile Becomes a Quality Game Changer

With Agile now becoming mainstream, what’s happening on the topic of “Clean Code?” What patterns are being revealed, and what does this mean to teams responsible for that final lap (the testing one!)? Industry research from QSM Associates reveals varying degrees of success. Some of the bestAgile teams – whether they be XP, SCRUM, Lean, etc. – are finding significant quality implications that are literally redefining the economics of software. Others are not.

What factors can make a meaningful difference? With the latest industry analysis of velocity, burndown, and quality data, we discuss productivity, time-to-market, quality, and cost patterns as this community matures. Serving as a comparison framework is the QSM SLIM industry database, with more than 10,000 completed projects (waterfall, agile, offshore, onshore) collected worldwide. This talk will describe findings that can help accelerate your success. Join us for an overview of this approach, and find out how you can assess your own patterns that could be applied to your development, and informing your executive teams.

Video producer: http://www.pnsqc.org/