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Test Management Solution Can Help You to Improve your Testing

Test Management Solution Can Help You to Improve your Testing

Software testing has always been a challenge. Companies are looking for testing methodologies and tools which will help them to improve their testing results, while improving software quality and cycle time. The SaaS revolution made it easier for new vendors to bring new solutions to the markets, offering high quality tools at a surprising price, with all the benefits of software as a service over old-time installed solutions.

One of these solutions is Testuff test management. A comprehensive suite, active for over 4 years now, with high standards of ease-of-use. Testuff flexible tool, allows different methodologies uers to implement theirs, keeping procedures and work-flows in place, while making testing a much easier job.

With a few unique features, such as video recording for defects, rich formatting test editor, dedicated test runner and more, Testuff also integrates with many other testing tools of various types such as bug trackers and automation applications. This integration requires only a simple and quick setup. Any user can import their tests to Testuff and get started with real testing within just a few minutes.

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