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So You Think You Need a Rewrite?

Your application is slowing down and you can’t seem to speed it up. The code is a mess, and changes are taking longer and longer. You’re afraid to release new features for fear of introducing bugs throughout the system. The marketing and sales teams are frustrated by how long new features are taking to release. All signs seem to point to the dreaded Big Rewrite. Big Rewrites are dangerous projects. The decision to rewrite shouldn’t be taken lightly. In this session, we will walk through the pros and cons of Rewrites and give real world examples of Rewrite strategies that work and that fail. From the first hint of a need for a rewrite, through the migration and deployment of the reincarnated system, we’ll share our victories, sorrows, joy, and pain. By the end of the session we hope you’ll have a better idea of how to approach The Big Rewrite the next time it rears its never-welcomed head and have a framework which increases your likelihood of success.


  1. Charles

    I am C# developer and have been coding long time. My shop follows Agile and is most efficent. We use IronSpeed and Visual Studio to build the basic app. You don’t need to worry about rewrite with this tool as long as my database is properly organized (indexed).

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