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How to Cope with Communication Problems in an Agile Project?

Nowadays project managers more and more frequently choose agile methodologies while conducting sophisticated projects. It is mainly because it increases effectiveness of the team and customer satisfaction. Unfortunately as in other methodologies problems with human resources occurs quite frequently. Most of the problems are connected with (lack of!) communication. What can be done to avoid at least some of them? How to improve communication with customer and communication between team members? Fortunately there are many possibilities. One of them is simulation game. It is not a silver bullet… but it can really help in a difficult situation. The game enables people to look at the world through somebody else’s eyes, feel as totally different person, try a completely different solution – in a safe conditions. During the game the players have to accomplish totally crazy project in an agile way.

Video Producer: Agile Central Europe Conference

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  1. Sylvie Potoniec

    It was very interesting and I was reminded of a few important “ingredients” in a project. I did watch until the end and I am glad I did. I learned that in fact it is all about communication! what a powerful word!

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