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Edgecase Dialog: Ruby Code Review

Sit in like a fly on the wall, while Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien walk through a code review. The team has uncovered some very typical issues that can arise in Ruby projects. The code review is presented in three acts. Act I is a review of a typical rails application. Having added some testing and followed the typical restful conventions, this application seems pretty solid on the foundation. As Jim and Joe demonstrate, however, the application has some areas of concern. Act II is a code review for an open source gem. The team demonstrates some critical mistakes that library writers usually make and show ways in which the code could be written in order to play nicer in the open source ecosystem. Act III is all about strategy. Now that we have identified the areas that need to be worked on, how do we go about getting there. It’s unrealistic to stop all development and rewrite the two projects. The team helps the client figure out a game plan that allows them to continue moving forward.