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Scrum in the Enterprise and Process Customization with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Scrum for Team System v3 significantly evolves the leading Scrum process template by leveraging the capabilities of Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS 2010) to enhance the support for Agile best practices. Hear how

How Do I Refactor my Code in Visual Studio?

These two videos show how to use the refactoring tools in Visual Studio. Video Part 1 Video Part 2

10-4 Episode 18: Functional UI Testing

In this episode of 10-4 we look at a new type of test coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010 known as the coded UI test. Coded UI tests can be created to automatically navigate through your

Getting started with Pex in Visual Studio 2008

Nikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux give a short tutorial on Pex, an automated white box testing tool for .Net. The tutorial is a pair-programming session where they show us how to get started with Pex in

Pex – Automated Exploratory Testing for .NET

Pex is a white-box test generation tool for .NET. Starting from a hand-written parameterized unit test, Pex analyzes the program-under-test to determine relevant test inputs fully automatically. To this end, Pex executes the program multiple times with