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Scaling Scrum with Visual Studio Team Services

Watch and learn how to use Visual Studio Team Services to work with many teams on the same product. This presentation explains how to create a Nexus of 3-9 teams working on a single product with separate

Agile Project Management in TFS 2012

Learn how Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 can help you quickly plan, manage, and track work across your entire team. You’ll explore the new product backlog, sprint backlog, and task boards which can be used to

Continuous Feedback in Agile Teams

How often have you built software that matched what your customers asked for, only to find out when you were ready to ship that it was not quite what they wanted? Have you received conflicting requirements from

Agile Patterns: Agile Estimation

We’re agile, so we don’t have to estimate and have no deadlines, right? Wrong! This session will consist of review of the problem with estimation in projects today and then an overview of the concept of agile

Putting Some Testing Into Your TFS Build

Continuous Integration and scheduled builds are an important part of any development process. To get the best out of these tools, as much testing as possible should be wired into the post build process. With the 2010