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Story Map the User Experience

What does a great user experience have in common with a great story? Everything. While creating a user experience that engages, influences, and excites can sometimes seem daunting, crafting a great story is actually quite quick and

UX in an Agile Process

Originally, the field of usability and interaction design was slow, cumbersome and costly. These were some of the reasons that it was not adopted very fast among practitioners. However, recent years a lot of the methods and

UX Tips for Lean Startups

There are hundreds of different ways to collect information about your users when you discuss the user experience (UX) in Lean startup. Some of them would be useful for you to do right now. Some would be

Agile and UX Can Be Friends and Lean UX is the Way

In this presentation, Jeff Gothelf walks us through how he brought the design and user experience into the development process as his team figured out the new way of integrating with an Agile development process. He talks

User Experience Driven Development: Code for your Users not your Tests

All too often programmers get into a productive rhythm where they receive their requirements, write tests aligned to those requirements, and then look for the green and red. While this process is proven to be highly effective,