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Lean UX for the Public Sector

As public sector and government agencies come to grips with the fact that UX is critical to project and product success, a common question resurfaces time and again: How do we add Lean UX practices to our

How Can UX work with Agile Teams

We will start off by explaining a fairly traditional way of development teams working with UX. After this we will explain the current viewpoint of most Agile UX people. Finally we will end by explaining how Lean

Lean Business Analysis and UX

Some of the most difficult roles to integrate in Agile and Lean development are business analysts and user experience (UX) professionals. Transitioning from big upfront design and massive requirements documents to a minimum viable product and just

Integrate UX Practitioners in Agile Teams

As the agile spirit is embraced by more and more diverse teams on a global scale, the need to integrate designers, including UX practitioners, opens the process for multiple avenues of exploration. In this short talk, Sophie

Lean UX is a Useful F***ing Lie

To understand LeanUX, we introduce Lean, Lean Systems, and Lean Startup to situate Lean UX in context. This introduction and discussion will use Kanban to explore various aspects and ideas of Lean UX such as hypothesis formulation,