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Refactoring Unit Tests Part 2 Using Object Builder Pattern

In this screencast we will demonstrate how to use the Object Builder pattern to create and setup objects for tests. In the first part we discussed how to introduce the base class for the unit tests to

Refactoring Unit Tests Part 1

In this screencast we will refactor unit tests to make it more readable. It is very important that you refactor your unit tests. Unit test code is not part of the production but refactoring them can help

John Ferguson Smart Devoxx Interview

John Ferguson Smart is a freelance consultant and author of Java Power Tools. During the JavaPosse.com interview John, Dick and Carl talk about Continuous Integration tools, parameterized unit tests and what other test approaches the near future

Writing Unit Tests With Test Driven Development

The video is intended to be an introduction to TDD, and how actually to go about writing tests and code using TDD with Visual Studio. I hear a lot of people using the term “TDD” without really

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 3 with Charlie Poole – Returning Blog Entries

In this third episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole build tests that verify that their blog can return blog entries. They build unit tests for the case when there are no entries returned and the case when