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Managing Technical Debt with SonarQube

This talk discusses technical debt, the code quality factors, the SonarQube’s core ideas and its main features that simplify the process of tracking and improving software quality.

Discussion on Technical Debt

At the SATURN 2014 conference, Jeromy Carrière of Google, Philippe Kruchten of the University of British Columbia, Robert L. Nord of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, Michael Keeling of IBM and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock discuss about technical

Cruft and Technical Debt: A Long View

Cruft is inevitable. Whether you’re working around a bug in Internet Explorer, Heroku or Ruby 1.8, our libraries and applications quickly diverge from the platonic ideal of software. In the short-term, there’s no point in fretting. Rather

Toxic Code: Technical Debt Analytics

Recent advances in source code analysis enable us to quantify technical debt and express it in dollars terms. Technical debt analytics can help your team improve its design, coding, testing and project management skills. Video Producer: Agile