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Test-Driving GUIs (with RubyCocoa)

Test-driven design is probably more popular in the Ruby community than in other language communities. Nevertheless, test-driven design of graphical user interfaces is still seen as something of a black art. In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how

Writing Unit Tests With Test Driven Development

The video is intended to be an introduction to TDD, and how actually to go about writing tests and code using TDD with Visual Studio. I hear a lot of people using the term “TDD” without really

To Test or Not to Test

Antony Marcano presents a discussion of FIT, and jUnit in the context of communication, automated testing, and TDD at the Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools (AAFTT) visioning workshop.

Envisioning the Next Generation of Functional Test Tools

Jennitta Andrea and Ward Cunningham talk about the future of Functional Test Tools in this hour long seminar. An explanation of test-driven development often begins by describing the red-green-refactor cycle. This slogan is so catchy and the

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 5 with Charlie Poole – Viewing a Page and Final Thoughts

In this fifth and final episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole successfully view blog entries in a page and all of their tests are green. This episode ends with Charlie Poole’s thoughts on the process that they