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Learning TDD through Test-first Teaching

How to get started with TDD? Test-First Teaching is an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption. Sarah Allen talks about how she teaches Ruby and Rails through a test-first approach. She demonstrates test-first teaching and

Test-driven development in Flex

This presentation will demonstrate how to implement user stories taking a test-first approach and how to set up a continuous build.

Moving to Test-Driven Development and Exploring Language Paradigms

Michael Feathers defines legacy code as “code without tests.” There’s a major qualitative difference when working on code without tests. Feathers’ job is to move software teams from their current process to a test-driven development process. In

Getting Started with TDD in Java using Eclipse

Starting with an empty workspace, this video begins with a demonstration of basic Test Driven Development in Java using Eclipse. From basic tests and basic production code, to refactoring, and some splashes of Behavior Driven Development, watch

Test-Driven Development

One of the foundational concepts of Agile software development is ensuring that your solution is loosely-coupled, highly-cohesive, and able to respond easily to changes; in this session we will explore the fundamentals of unit testing and their