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Saros Distributed Pair Programming for Eclipse

Saros is an open source Eclipse plugin for distributed pair programming. It allows to do collaborative text editing with support of many participants at once. All members of a session have an identical copy of an Eclipse

Pair Programming

A discussion about pair programming at Xebia Resource: Will Pair Programming Really Improve Your Project?

Real World Pair Programming

J. B. Rainsberger and Naresh Jain demonstrate many pairing-anti-patterns.

The Pair Programming Show

Did you try pair programming but it didn’t work? Are you wondering if it’s worth it? In this live play you’ll follow a team as they go through stages and struggles of learning pair programming. You’ll see

Edgecase Dialog: Ruby Code Review

Sit in like a fly on the wall, while Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien walk through a code review. The team has uncovered some very typical issues that can arise in Ruby projects. The code review is