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Getting More from your Distributed Agile Teams

Agile is now commonly used in most organisations but most people struggle when the conditions are not in the ideal agile sweet-spot of collocation and small teams. In fact most organisations rarely experience situations that are ideal

Distributed SCRUM – practical lessons

We are running a medium size project distributed across three countries (Norway, Czech Rep. and Sweden) using Distributed SCRUM, with a total of 20+ people in three teams. We learned some lessons on practical issues to look

Distributed SCRUM as a Supplier – one year after

Last year, I exposed some of the initial lessons learned during the initial operation of two agile projects based on a mixed onshore-offshore model. One year after, the projects are concluded overall successfully, and some major additional

The secrets of doing agile offshoring with success

In this interview from JAOO 2007 Jeff Sutherland and Serge Beaumont discuss the secrets of doing offshore development in an agile way based on their real life experience. Jeff Sutherland, Scrum co-founder, has been helping others to