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Working Remotely in an Agile Team

This is story of how adopting Agile practices helped Olly Brand work remotely from Cornwall as part of a global team at IBM. Lessons learned on the journey adopting Agile. How to use Agile methods to deliver

Engaging Remote Software Development Teams

This presentation explores how you can use User Research insights to create a better understanding of the factual use of product among developers, while at the same time engaging developers in thinking about user flows and product

Adapting Agile to Distributed Teams

Agile is the most effective project management methodology for distributed teams, but there are adaptations to the process that can improve effectiveness for these teams. Chuck Lewin shares his recent experiences of leading software development teams spread

Getting More from your Distributed Agile Teams

Agile is now commonly used in most organisations but most people struggle when the conditions are not in the ideal agile sweet-spot of collocation and small teams. In fact most organisations rarely experience situations that are ideal

Combining Agile and Mobile Development

When building a mobile app for one of the largest banks in the world you need a process works that copes with evolving requirements, a distributed team and a cutting edge technology. Sounds like the perfect match