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Continuous Delivery is More Than Tools: It is a Culture

Some enterprise IT organisations are adopting Continuous Delivery and DevOps thinking that tools is enough to do the job, that all of a sudden they will go faster to market and build quality in because they are

ING Banks Journey to Agile

ING Bank is one of the largest banks in a small country (the Netherlands), with a long history as a system bank in the Dutch society. Until five years ago, ING had a traditional IT organisation. The

Scaling Agile & DevOps

Gary Gruver is an executive with a proven track record of leading Large-Scale Agile transformations and co-author of “A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development”. In this presentation, he discusses the transformations needed in an organization to

How to Improve Productivity with DevOps & SAFe

DevOps and SAFe adoption is not easy. This session will discuss a real world DevOps/SAFe transformation and the lessons learned by exploring how a Fortune 100 company transformed from a traditional software shop to an Agile organization.

Mastering Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Did you ever hear about these new things called Continuous Delivery and DevOps? In theory, all sounds so easy and meaningful. In practice, it’s often hard to get started, both technically and non-technically, or to extend an