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Extending Continuous Integration

The talk shows how we can implement a rigorous, yet agile process. It is based around our experiences of putting the good idea of continuous integration and other agile methods into life and using this as the

Use a Continuous Integration Server with Hudson

Continuous integration expert Paul Duvall explains how to download, install and configure Hudson and Tomcat, run an HSQL database, run an Ant automated build, use Subversion to manage source files and administer the Hudson web application. Source

Building an Automated QA Infrastructure using Open-Source Python Tools

The benefits of continuous test integration are well known. Setting up an infrastruture for this can be a lot of work. It involves integration with version control, automated product building and running of tests, reporting on results

Hudson – A Very Quick Demo

In this video Uncle Bob shows how he set up Hudson to be the continuous integration server for FitNesse.

Agile Infrastructure

The starting point of all Agile engineering practices is reproducibly building from source code. If software is delivered on servers, and those servers can’t be reproducibly deployed from bare metal to running services, how Agile can you