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Patterns of Agile Enterprise Architecture

There is widespread acceptance that software development using Agile methods works well. However, there are still areas of software development organizations that view their roles or mandates as incompatible with Agile methods. This talk addresses the legitimate

Architect Role in Scrum

This short video summarize a clinic held at the Scrum Gathering that took place in Amsterdam, November 2010 and where the question was “What is the role of Architects in Scrum?”.

Architecture in an Agile World

There often seems to be a tension that surfaces between the process (that which guides us) and the execution (that which we do). Agility and architecture also play out in this same way, and it can be

Just-In-Time Scalability: Agile Methods to Support Massive Growth

In the course of six months IMVU’s user base quadrupled in size. At the start of this period we were bottlenecked on a single central database. During these six months we evolved IMVU’s architecture to use caching

Talking Architects with Len Bass

Quality Attributes (Non-functional requirements) as first class citizens of a project? Too far fetched? Len Bass, co-author of Software Architecture in Practice and longstanding member of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), thinks he has an answer. But