How does design get done on an Agile Project?

Agile projects have a reputation in many circles as cowboy coding or purely “code n’fix.” While there might not be an explicitly defined “Architecture” or “Design” phase or activity, design is still an integral part of any successful Agile project. This talk will discuss the questions of when, how, and by whom is design accomplished. Jeremy will present the Agile and Lean design philosophies for simple design, delayed commitment, and enabling change. Specifically, he will talk about enabling Continuous Design, why evolutionary design adds value over strictly upfront design, and how to get it done without incurring unnecessary code and design thrash in later stages of the project. This talk will be useful to all roles on agile project and product efforts, including project and program managers as well because it touches on flexible and incremental delivery. Agile Austin Meeting July 01, 2008. Speaker: Jeremy Miller.