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Mixup Testing Between Scrum Teams

There are a lot of benefits with having the testers in the Scrum teams working side by side with the developers, and not in a separate test team. However, there are also some negative aspects that can

The Agile Whole-Team Approach: Choosing a New GUI Test Tool

When a cross-functional team commits to delivering a software product with the highest possible quality, that commitment needs to be meaningful. Lisa Crispin’s team recently discovered ways to enhance the usability of their web app, and significantly

The Mind Set Change for an Agile Tester

On traditional projects, testers tend to join the project after coding has started, or sometimes almost finished. Testers and programmers may not communicate except through the defect tracking system. On agile projects, testing skills are very important

The Scrum Framework

Agile coaches need to be able to teach the agile framework their teams will use in 10 minutes or less. No joking. Why? Because they will have to teach it hundreds of times. Every time a new

Effective Specifications and Tests for Agile Projects

This video presents a set of process patterns that facilitate change in software products to ensure that the right product is delivered efficiently with short iterations. Agile projects require that the specifications and testing processes fit into