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Build Measure Learn is Broken

This presentation provides an overview of the Lean Startup and Build Measure Learn framework, pros and cons of these approaches, and tips for teams to utilize these approaches to infuse learning into their process as soon as

Hybrid Methods are More Powerful than Kanban or Scrum

When teams decide to “go Agile” they invariably decide between Scrum or the Kanban Method. This is often because both Scrum and the Kanban Method provide a straightforward approach to get started. However, our experience has shown

A Pragmatic Introduction to Lean Principles

We all know that Agile is sweeping the project management world. Or is it Lean? Lean Agile? Scrum? Kanban? Scrumagilean, maybe? Jon Terry discusses how these ideas relate to each other. How Lean principles provide the organizational

Lean UX for the Public Sector

As public sector and government agencies come to grips with the fact that UX is critical to project and product success, a common question resurfaces time and again: How do we add Lean UX practices to our

From Startup Manifesto to Startup Nation

The Belgian startup community has emerged fast. Based on metrics from 1400+ startups across the country, we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of our region and the availability of supporting programs and instruments.