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Navigating Politics in Agile Teams

Have you ever wondered why, when you’ve finally got Agile/Lean working nicely in your software engineering team, managers or ‘outsiders’ can come in and create politics ‘un-necessarily’, despite your best efforts? Have you ever sat there in meetings frustrated and exasperated at the seemingly unnecessary dramatics some participants go through?

Or, when you start an Agile/Lean initiative, the surrounding politics in the company sometimes escalate rather than decrease? Or perhaps you are struggling with some internal team members who just can’t seem to drop the politics and adapt to ‘this different way of working’…. What’s going on? Why doesn’t pure data, logic, transparency and collaboration always work?

In order to explore new insights as to why this happens and what we can do about it, Katherine Kirk draws on eastern and tribal philosophy to ‘kick off’ different thinking and find practical and realistic ways that deal positively with destructive politics and/or prevent scenarios like these from even happening in the first place.

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