eXtreme Programming at Unruly

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Unruly is the leading global platform for social video marketing. Founded in 2006, we now have 12 offices and employ over 150 people globally. We’ve been applying eXtreme Programming (XP) from the start and that’s still a core part of how we develop our software products. Read more

A Retake on the Agile Manifesto

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The Agile Manifesto was the spark that brought about a shift in how software was being developed and as a result a wave of new Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, XP, and Continuous Delivery have been introduced as “better ways of developing software”. Many development organizations have adopted these agile methodologies to improve their communication, increase customer involvement, and create happier and more efficient software teams. Read more

Agile Risk Management

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This presentation explains why we need to figure out risk management in large Agile projects and how to integrate risk management in Agile project management approaches, discussing the decision making processes. Read more

A Systems Approach to Leadership

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Many organizational change initiatives fail due to lackluster leadership support. This should not surprise us as we often find that just below the surface nothing has changed. We should not expect organizations to transform if we don’t design an ecosystem that allows emergence and growth to thrive. Read more

Story Map the User Experience

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What does a great user experience have in common with a great story? Everything. While creating a user experience that engages, influences, and excites can sometimes seem daunting, crafting a great story is actually quite quick and easy. See how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next product, feature, user story, UI, flow, or strategy from good to great. Read more

Managing Flow

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This presentation shows the impact that wait time has on when the customer receives the product or service. How by focusing on wait time we can improve the flow of products or services to our customers and significantly reduce the time to delivery to the customer. Read more

Setting a Good Example

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To get the most out of Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Specification by Example (SBE) or Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD), you need much more than a tool. You need high value specifications. How do we get the most out of our specification and test writing effort? How do we write testable scenarios that business people will actually care about? Read more

Managing Technical Debt with SonarQube

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This talk discusses technical debt, the code quality factors, the SonarQube’s core ideas and its main features that simplify the process of tracking and improving software quality. Read more

Implementing Agile in Large Enterprises

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David Brown, IT Director, shares about his experiences with implementing agile in large enterprises and how Agile Open is a great place to learn, grow, and contribute, as well as overcoming reluctance to speak as he moved into leadership. Read more

UX in an Agile Process

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Originally, the field of usability and interaction design was slow, cumbersome and costly. These were some of the reasons that it was not adopted very fast among practitioners. However, recent years a lot of the methods and techniques have been adapted to better fit the fast moving development processes that are predominant in software companies today. Read more

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