The Power of “Pure Agile”

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The strength of Agile lies in the simplicity and clarity of the Values and Principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto. I’ll share with you how I apply and use “Pure Agile” in my daily work, and encourage Continuous Learning, Continuous Growth, and Continuous Discovery in the teams and companies I work with. Let’s explore together and discover the path to future we want to create. Continuous Discovery: The future is for us to discover, one moment at a time. Read more

Controlling Chaos with Kanban

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Many Agencies suffer from the same problems: Too much to do, looming deadlines, dependencies on a few specialists, and insufficient predictability. On top of that, there are customers that want to know a fixed price and yet want to modify their decisions all the time. Is there a cure? Yes, Kanban! Read more

Organize an Agile Release Train in SAFe

Published June 8th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Organize an Agile Release Train in SAFe

Dean Leffingwell discusses implementing the agile release train, which is the primary value delivery vehicle inside the scaled agile framework. Read more

Discovery Kanban

Published June 2nd, 2015 Under Lean | Comments Off on Discovery Kanban

As the business landscape is becoming more and more volatile, many organisations need to undergo a fundamental change of management discipline. Recent failures of large and small organisations have shown that a single focus on optimised exploitation of existing business can turn into a monkey trap that leads to stagnation and vulnerability to market disruption. The new management discipline requires a change from thinking as market leaders to thinking as market disruptors. It requires a change from corporate management to corporate entrepreneurship. Read more

Agile Essence and Fluency

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As agile software has got more accepted and popular, it’s also been subject to a fair bit of misunderstanding. This talk focuses on the essence of agile software development, adaptive planning and people-orientation. Following this, a brief summary of the Agile Fluency model, which describes the typical path people follow as they learn and apply Agile software development, is given. Read more

How Agile Helped a Business Analyst

Published May 18th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on How Agile Helped a Business Analyst

As companies introduce agile practices, the business analyst (BA) role is often left by the wayside. The BA title doesn’t exist in Scrum and other agile implementations, leaving many BAs wondering where—or if—they fit in. But fear not! The skills of a good BA are even more valuable in an agile environment. Diane Zajac-Woodie tells the tale of a new and struggling agile team, with no formal training, a resistant corporate culture, and unwilling team members. Read more

Agile Assessment

Published May 12th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Agile Assessment

Derek Morrison, Head of Product at Tesco PLC, who will share his thoughts on Agile Assessment. Read more

Software Architecture and Agile Development

Published May 4th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Software Architecture and Agile Development

Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, which makes it challenging to teach because so much context is required for every subject. It is also a fast-moving discipline, where entire suites of best practices become obsolete overnight. Read more

Flow Thinking

Published April 27th, 2015 Under Lean | Comments Off on Flow Thinking

Learn how to shift your focus from keeping people and equipment busy to having work flowing to your customers without unwanted waiting time and how that new focus will affect your meetings, process management, and metrics. Read more

Protecting Agile Projects from Consultants

Published April 22nd, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Protecting Agile Projects from Consultants

Zigurd Mednieks explains why you should protect Agile projects from the consultants. Consultants can drive a software project to enormous success, but sometimes they drive the project off the rails instead. Managers must know when to check up on an agile project and what questions to ask to make sure the consultant doesn’t run away with it. Read more

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