Best Practices for Continuous Integration and Deployment on AWS

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With AWS, companies now have the ability to develop and run their applications with speed and flexibility like never before. Working with an infrastructure that can be 100 percent API driven enables businesses to use lean methodologies and realize these benefits. This in turn leads to greater success for those who make use of these practices. In this session, we talk about some key concepts and design patterns for continuous deployment and continuous integration, two elements of lean development of applications and infrastructures. Read more

Implementing Scrum in a Non-Engineering Team

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This session tells the story of how a team comprising of marketing, customer support and agency relations experts used Scrum to improve its communication and alignment. It will look at what went well, what we could have improved, what failed utterly and what we learned in the process! Read more

Creating a Lean-Based Agile Experience

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This presentation explores the connection between Lean and Agile. Read more

Agile Governance

Published January 5th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off

Agile is here to stay and organizations need to embrace the new wave of agile thinking. But to succeed with Agile and to reap the benefits it can deliver it is essential that you have good governance in place. Read more

You Can’t Plan Complex Projects, So Control Them

Published December 26th, 2014 Under Project Management | Comments Off

Science has finally approved it: Forecasting complex projects is a deception. Moreover, forecasts hinder innovations. Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences and psychologist verified in many cases, that forecasting of complex projects is impossible. Yet still, we keep losing time trying to do exactly that. Read more

Choose Your Own Adventure in Kanban

Published December 16th, 2014 Under Lean | Comments Off

Kanban gives you the means to understand work systemically and take individual responsibility to act on it. Methods such as limiting WIP, minimising batch sizes, visualising work, shaping demand and creating options are universally applicable, yet no two applications are the same. Read more

Getting More from your Distributed Agile Teams

Published December 8th, 2014 Under Project Management | Comments Off

Agile is now commonly used in most organisations but most people struggle when the conditions are not in the ideal agile sweet-spot of collocation and small teams. In fact most organisations rarely experience situations that are ideal for agile due to working internationally, with multiple teams and perhaps 3rd party suppliers. Read more

A Bit of Agile in Waterfall Project Approach

Published December 1st, 2014 Under Agile | Comments Off

Short stories and lessons learned from a waterfall oriented organization that wants to get more flexible but language barriers and time zone difference bring extra challenges for timely delivery – from iterations to multi-year product road-maps, from individual responsibility to multi-project teams. Read more

Creating Agile Learning Games

Published November 27th, 2014 Under Agile | Comments Off

One of the things Agile Learning Labs is known for is our use of simulations and learning games. Learning games are effective because they engage across all four of the key learning styles: Kinetic/Tactile Spatial/Visual Auditory Logical. Read more

Scaling Continuous Delivery

Published November 24th, 2014 Under Agile | Comments Off

This talk covers how we have dealt with bottlenecks, technical and organizational, while scaling our Continuous Delivery process. Three years ago we started building our continuous delivery process. We were in desperate need of continuous regression testing. Our delivery platform was growing more so was the number of stakeholders putting requirements on the platform. So to solve our need for continuous regression testing we started doing continuous delivery. Read more

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