Combining Agile and Mobile Development

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When building a mobile app for one of the largest banks in the world you need a process works that copes with evolving requirements, a distributed team and a cutting edge technology. Sounds like the perfect match for Agile. But is it? What are the challenges that you’ll meet? Read more

Best Practices for a Culture of Continuous Improvement

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Doing Kanban for the sake of doing it is unsexy and has usually rather low value. Introducing Kanban means working towards the vision of a culture of continuous improvement. Surprisingly, the cultural change does not happen magically after a change agent pushed the practices of Kanban into a company. The cultural change already starts by introducing Kanban with a culture of continuous improvement in mind. Read more

Agile Beyond Software

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Agile is most closely associated with software development, Agile software development to be precise. That’s enough to put people off right there and then. But for those who listen long enough invariably ask the big question: “Does Agile work outside of software?” Read more

Toyota Kata

Published October 6th, 2014 Under Lean | Comments Off

Toyota Kata is a structured way to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement at all levels. It is an organizations daily habits or routines forming its “muscle memory” for continuous learning and improvements. The daily habits/routines help us to strive towards our vision, or our state of awesomeness in small focused experiments. Read more

Combining PRINCE2 with Agile

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PRINCE2 and Agile are now both mainstream and many organizations are combining these two approaches but with varying degrees of success. How can you benefit from linking these two approaches which, on the face of it, may not be seen as complementary? Read more

Mastering Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Published September 23rd, 2014 Under Agile | Comments Off

Did you ever hear about these new things called Continuous Delivery and DevOps? In theory, all sounds so easy and meaningful. In practice, it’s often hard to get started, both technically and non-technically, or to extend an existing solution to be robust and sustainable, and to span departments in the best possible way. This session shapes the core aspects of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Read more

Reliable Scrum

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This presentation shows an approach based on Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) how to make Agile approaches reliable (Reliable Scrum) and protect the Agile part of course. The next step is to make them even faster (and more Agile) with ideas out of the Lean and Theory of Constraints (TOC). In the third step you will see how this all fits together. Read more

Meeting the Challenges of Agile Principles

Published September 8th, 2014 Under Scrum | 2 Comments

The 12 agile principles lay the foundation for a successful agile team and deliver a product that meets customer satisfaction. Every principle is an absolute necessity to build great software and great teams. While these principles have stood the testimony of time over a decade now, much has changed the way we build and deliver software, especially from an offshore perspective. Adoption of agile methods does not simply imply a framework or a process implementation, but it goes beyond that. Read more

Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile

Published September 3rd, 2014 Under Agile | Comments Off

Agile can transform software development teams – and other kinds of teas – in amazing ways. As Agile takes hold and proves its worth, people begin to see the need for a new kind of “leadership culture” at the senior and middle management levels. What is needed is not simply the application of Agile methods in management teams. We need leaders who have the capacity to think and act at higher levels of agility. Read more

Distributed Scrum Development with Jenkins

Published August 25th, 2014 Under Coding, Scrum | Comments Off

This presentation discusses the experience of using Jenkins to manage the full stack integration build and testing for DealerTrack 2.0 for more than six distributed Scrum teams. Read more

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