The Value of Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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Dean Leffingwell, founder and CEO of Scaled Agile, discusses his new video, “Leading Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) LiveLessons,” results that enterprises who adopt SAFe are seeing, the must-have SAFe practices, and the keys to successful enterprise adoption of SAFe. Read more

Reduce Risk with Non-Technology Scrum Adoptions

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How can you reduce risk during an enterprise agile adoption? One key is parallel implementations in business areas. Teams beyond software development can significantly benefit from the Scrum framework in their operational efforts, and this serves to create shared understanding, buy-in, and ?collaboration during enterprise agile adoption. Scrum yields a familiar way for business teams to function and interface with technology. Moreover, these non-IT teams experienced productivity gains and became strong believers in Scrum. Read more

How Did We End Up Here?

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Have you ever wondered how our software industry has got itself into the pickle it is currently in? Most projects end up being massively late, costing way more than expected, and delivering big balls of mud that no one truly understands and thus are a nightmare to maintain. Read more

Bring Sanity to Agility

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This presentation discusses experiences within teams as they attempt to embrace change and find, to their dismay, that their software itself can’t keep up. Diving through technical solutions and patterns, you will learn how to avoid building software that can’t keep up with the pace of change that was always the promise of agility. Read more

#NoEstimates Unplugged

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Woody Zuill and Vasco Duarte share their experiences with #NoEstimates and describe how #NoEstimates is just one small part of getting back to Agile-as-if-you-meant-it. This presentation tackles #NoEstimates implications on teams, stakeholders, product management and even business. But most of all we talk about the implications to us as human beings. Read more

How to Improve Productivity with DevOps & SAFe

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DevOps and SAFe adoption is not easy. This session will discuss a real world DevOps/SAFe transformation and the lessons learned by exploring how a Fortune 100 company transformed from a traditional software shop to an Agile organization. Read more

Scrum Mythbusters

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As Scrum popularity continues to grow, so do associated myths and misunderstandings. This session will debunk many of these common misinterpretations of the world’s most popular Agile Framework. Read more

The Power of “Pure Agile”

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The strength of Agile lies in the simplicity and clarity of the Values and Principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto. I’ll share with you how I apply and use “Pure Agile” in my daily work, and encourage Continuous Learning, Continuous Growth, and Continuous Discovery in the teams and companies I work with. Let’s explore together and discover the path to future we want to create. Continuous Discovery: The future is for us to discover, one moment at a time. Read more

Controlling Chaos with Kanban

Published June 17th, 2015 Under Lean | Comments Off on Controlling Chaos with Kanban

Many Agencies suffer from the same problems: Too much to do, looming deadlines, dependencies on a few specialists, and insufficient predictability. On top of that, there are customers that want to know a fixed price and yet want to modify their decisions all the time. Is there a cure? Yes, Kanban! Read more

Organize an Agile Release Train in SAFe

Published June 8th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Organize an Agile Release Train in SAFe

Dean Leffingwell discusses implementing the agile release train, which is the primary value delivery vehicle inside the scaled agile framework. Read more

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