Hybrid Project Management

This talk encourages you to unleash your Project Management creativity by combining the Agile and Waterfall paradigms.

Financial Prioritization of Projects

One of the reasons why traditional planning fails when we manage innovative projects, is because the work reported in the plan is not prioritized by the value to the user and the customer. Many traditional plans are

Agile Communication

Everybody agrees these days that communication is one of the key success factors in any project, regardless of their size and complexity. During the Agile adoption process, many teams and managers are blind to communication issues and

Agile Hiring: It is a Team Sport

When you think of hiring for your team, does the paperwork overwhelm you? Are you concerned about the number of interviews you seem to need to make a great decision? Do you ever have trouble making a

Continuous Integration & Delivery at Lego

Security is important – but in my experience managers, product owners and developers often find themselves lost in translation once they attempt to map the “Security is very important to us” abstraction to features and user stories.