Confessions of a Former Agile Methodologist

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This session’s speaker has this to say about the presentation: Although I am best known as a Java evangelist, my day job prior to joining Oracle was as a chief agile methodologist and I facilitated three company-wide agile roll-outs. If you are skeptical when folks try to sell you certifications, frustrated with the institution of new processes and tracking systems, or wary of process experts taking the place of technical leadership, this is the session for you. Read more

Be Brave and Vulnerable

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You have to be brave in order to change the world! So what does this have to do with me? You might think; I just want to do my job – not change the world. At work we face challenges all the time that require courage. Being brave and vulnerable is necessary. Courage is individual and there is no such thing as a little courage. Being brave is not about removing fear or not being afraid – it is about doing what is necessary even when you are afraid. Read more

Agile Metrics

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This presentation discusses the good the bad and the ugly of Agile metrics:
* What makes a good metric?
* Why should you use metrics?
* What are some examples of metrics?
* Are there any majors to avoid? Read more

Lean UX is a Useful F***ing Lie

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To understand LeanUX, we introduce Lean, Lean Systems, and Lean Startup to situate Lean UX in context. This introduction and discussion will use Kanban to explore various aspects and ideas of Lean UX such as hypothesis formulation, assumptions gathering, multi-hypothesis testing and designing / running experiments to create tight feedback loops of customer insight. Read more

Perfectly Executing the Wrong Plan

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App developers ask themselves excellent questions about their users: Do people need my app? Can people use my app? Why do people sign up and then not use my app? However, app developers answer their excellent questions in invalid and unreliable ways. It is shocking to see how much effort app developers put in writing elegantly structured, refactored code, with good unit test coverage in an agile environment, and yet, their apps fail miserably. Read more

Agile in the Real Trenches

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The Agile principle of “trusting work to the self-organizing, self-managing teams” is radically different to the military doctrine of “strict top-down hierarchy, command & control”. Yet almost a 100 years ago this idea was tried out on many battlefields and the consequences are still felt today. Read more

The Value of Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

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Dean Leffingwell, founder and CEO of Scaled Agile, discusses his new video, “Leading Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) LiveLessons,” results that enterprises who adopt SAFe are seeing, the must-have SAFe practices, and the keys to successful enterprise adoption of SAFe. Read more

Reduce Risk with Non-Technology Scrum Adoptions

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How can you reduce risk during an enterprise agile adoption? One key is parallel implementations in business areas. Teams beyond software development can significantly benefit from the Scrum framework in their operational efforts, and this serves to create shared understanding, buy-in, and ?collaboration during enterprise agile adoption. Scrum yields a familiar way for business teams to function and interface with technology. Moreover, these non-IT teams experienced productivity gains and became strong believers in Scrum. Read more

How Did We End Up Here?

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Have you ever wondered how our software industry has got itself into the pickle it is currently in? Most projects end up being massively late, costing way more than expected, and delivering big balls of mud that no one truly understands and thus are a nightmare to maintain. Read more

Bring Sanity to Agility

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This presentation discusses experiences within teams as they attempt to embrace change and find, to their dismay, that their software itself can’t keep up. Diving through technical solutions and patterns, you will learn how to avoid building software that can’t keep up with the pace of change that was always the promise of agility. Read more

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