Agile Essence and Fluency

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As agile software has got more accepted and popular, it’s also been subject to a fair bit of misunderstanding. This talk focuses on the essence of agile software development, adaptive planning and people-orientation. Following this, a brief summary of the Agile Fluency model, which describes the typical path people follow as they learn and apply Agile software development, is given. Read more

How Agile Helped a Business Analyst

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As companies introduce agile practices, the business analyst (BA) role is often left by the wayside. The BA title doesn’t exist in Scrum and other agile implementations, leaving many BAs wondering where—or if—they fit in. But fear not! The skills of a good BA are even more valuable in an agile environment. Diane Zajac-Woodie tells the tale of a new and struggling agile team, with no formal training, a resistant corporate culture, and unwilling team members. Read more

Agile Assessment

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Derek Morrison, Head of Product at Tesco PLC, who will share his thoughts on Agile Assessment. Read more

Software Architecture and Agile Development

Published May 4th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Software Architecture and Agile Development

Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, which makes it challenging to teach because so much context is required for every subject. It is also a fast-moving discipline, where entire suites of best practices become obsolete overnight. Read more

Flow Thinking

Published April 27th, 2015 Under Lean | Comments Off on Flow Thinking

Learn how to shift your focus from keeping people and equipment busy to having work flowing to your customers without unwanted waiting time and how that new focus will affect your meetings, process management, and metrics. Read more

Protecting Agile Projects from Consultants

Published April 22nd, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Protecting Agile Projects from Consultants

Zigurd Mednieks explains why you should protect Agile projects from the consultants. Consultants can drive a software project to enormous success, but sometimes they drive the project off the rails instead. Managers must know when to check up on an agile project and what questions to ask to make sure the consultant doesn’t run away with it. Read more

Lean Enterprise

Published April 9th, 2015 Under Lean | Comments Off on Lean Enterprise

Large organizations often struggle to leverage software to create innovative products. This is due to a number of organizational factors, including culture, governance and financial management, and the application of portfolio and program management strategies that do not take advantage of the unique characteristics of software. This talk discusses how to take a lean approach to developing new products and running large scale programs of work, and how to grow a culture that enables organizations to turn software into a competitive advantage. Read more

Let’s Do Some Upfront Design

Published March 30th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Let’s Do Some Upfront Design

Sometimes a little time spent upfront on design is worth it. Just because we’re agile doesn’t mean no design upfront. Unfortunately some people have taken “working software over comprehensive documentation” to mean no documentation and no design. Read more

eXtreme Programming at Unruly

Published March 23rd, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on eXtreme Programming at Unruly

Unruly is the leading global platform for social video marketing. Founded in 2006, we now have 12 offices and employ over 150 people globally. We’ve been applying eXtreme Programming (XP) from the start and that’s still a core part of how we develop our software products. Read more

A Retake on the Agile Manifesto

Published March 16th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on A Retake on the Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto was the spark that brought about a shift in how software was being developed and as a result a wave of new Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, XP, and Continuous Delivery have been introduced as “better ways of developing software”. Many development organizations have adopted these agile methodologies to improve their communication, increase customer involvement, and create happier and more efficient software teams. Read more

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