Working Remotely in an Agile Team

This is story of how adopting Agile practices helped Olly Brand work remotely from Cornwall as part of a global team at IBM. Lessons learned on the journey adopting Agile. How to use Agile methods to deliver

How to Do a Good Product Demo

Working in middle to large companies means working with several Scrum teams, different departments and having often far from ideal working communication processes. Product Management usually is only one piece of the greater picture and has to

From Startup Manifesto to Startup Nation

The Belgian startup community has emerged fast. Based on metrics from 1400+ startups across the country, we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of our region and the availability of supporting programs and instruments.

Being Secure & Agile

I believe that agile methods of development and operation can lead to more securely designed and operated systems than is possible via non agile methods. But doing so requires work and thought.

Hybrid Project Management

This talk encourages you to unleash your Project Management creativity by combining the Agile and Waterfall paradigms.