The Project Manager Fear

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Project fear, not dissimilar to imposter syndrome, tends to affect all project leaders at some point (or many points) in their career. This session tackles project fear by fully defining it, investigating its roots, noting its symptoms, and ultimately discussing a number of successful coping mechanisms. Read more

Agile Project Management with Kanban

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There’s a way to organize your work, stay focused, avoid mistakes, and be hyper-productive that you can learn in five minutes using sticky notes and markers. It’s been used by Toyota to make cars, by Xbox to build software, and by individuals to maintain sanity. It’s called Kanban, and Eric Brechner, an Xbox development manager, has been using it with multiple teams for the past four years. Read more

Stop Doing Retrospectives

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You have been doing Agile for a few years now. With a regular cadence you have retrospectives and a lot of problems and great improvement opportunities are raised but nothing seems to really improve. Stop doing retrospectives! Read more

Enabling Constraints

Published November 3rd, 2015 Under Scrum | Comments Off on Enabling Constraints

Vast amounts of research has gone into processes to deal with large, rapidly scaling Agile teams working on complex problems. So why do we keep failing? In this session, we will compare idealism to reality from two angles: Agile processes applied in the real world; and famous examples (Spotify, GitHub, Netflix) in the real world. Following this, we’ll cover what’s worked for Vend while scaling teams, some theories for team constraints, and why you should understand, but ignore most of it. Read more

Integrate UX Practitioners in Agile Teams

Published October 28th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Integrate UX Practitioners in Agile Teams

As the agile spirit is embraced by more and more diverse teams on a global scale, the need to integrate designers, including UX practitioners, opens the process for multiple avenues of exploration. In this short talk, Sophie discusses the different personality types that join the team when design comes onboard, whether a sprint zero is your solution, how to avoid skills segregation, and will end with suggested approaches to handle the delicate question of documentation. Read more

Agile Board Hacks in 3D

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Agile teams use big visual indicators a lot, and often invent little temporary hacks to make what’s really going on in the team visible, or to solve a particular problem. These little hacks exist for a while then fade away as other problems become more pressing to the team. We love these little hacks. Read more

Transitioning to SAFe

Published October 14th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Transitioning to SAFe

Why do traditional software teams fail to deliver in enterprise? What does it mean to be agile and why do teams need to be agile? Read more

Confessions of a Former Agile Methodologist

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This session’s speaker has this to say about the presentation: Although I am best known as a Java evangelist, my day job prior to joining Oracle was as a chief agile methodologist and I facilitated three company-wide agile roll-outs. If you are skeptical when folks try to sell you certifications, frustrated with the institution of new processes and tracking systems, or wary of process experts taking the place of technical leadership, this is the session for you. Read more

Be Brave and Vulnerable

Published September 30th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Be Brave and Vulnerable

You have to be brave in order to change the world! So what does this have to do with me? You might think; I just want to do my job – not change the world. At work we face challenges all the time that require courage. Being brave and vulnerable is necessary. Courage is individual and there is no such thing as a little courage. Being brave is not about removing fear or not being afraid – it is about doing what is necessary even when you are afraid. Read more

Agile Metrics

Published September 24th, 2015 Under Agile | Comments Off on Agile Metrics

This presentation discusses the good the bad and the ugly of Agile metrics:
* What makes a good metric?
* Why should you use metrics?
* What are some examples of metrics?
* Are there any majors to avoid? Read more

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