Implement Scrum Using Team Foundation Server

This presentation explains how to use the new Agile project management tools of Team Foundation Server (TFS). Learn how to create and manage a product backlog, forecast and plan work for a sprint and manage the Sprint

Agile Data Governance

Agile development efforts and Data Governance efforts are at odds with each other. Even though they both have the sponsorship at the highest level of the organization, there is disconnect when it comes to understanding how the

There Are No “Buts” in Progressive Enhancement

Progressive enhancement sounds practical, but not for your current software development project, right? Good news: you’re wrong! This presentation debunks the myths that often preclude individuals and organizations from embracing progressive enhancement and demonstrate solid techniques for

Agile is Dead

“Pragamatic” Dave Thomas was one of the creators of the Agile Manifesto. A year ago, he told us that Agile is Dead. How could this be? Why had he deserted us? And what are we to do?

The Death of Continuous Integration

This presentation describes how ever-better Feature Branching tooling has harmed Continuous Integration, compares the cost vs. value of Feature Branching and Trunk Based Development, and explains why Continuous Delivery without Continuous Integration is asking for trouble.