Continuous Integration & Delivery at Lego

Security is important – but in my experience managers, product owners and developers often find themselves lost in translation once they attempt to map the “Security is very important to us” abstraction to features and user stories.

Engaging Remote Software Development Teams

This presentation explores how you can use User Research insights to create a better understanding of the factual use of product among developers, while at the same time engaging developers in thinking about user flows and product

A Kanban Diary: How to Integrated Agile

Overstretched? Under-resourced? Need to manage other teams/clients expectations? So far so very third sector. But it’s not just charities facing these problems. On the 17th January 2015 I wrote the first words in my Agile diary. The

The Rationale for Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery changes the economics of software development, find out how and why in this talk. Many people working in software development spend their careers without seeing what good looks like. Our history is littered with inefficient

Retrospective on Steroids with Toyota Kata

You have been doing Agile for a few years now. With a regular cadence you have retrospectives and a lot of problems and great improvement opportunities are raised but you don’t seem to really improve. Let us