How Can UX work with Agile Teams

We will start off by explaining a fairly traditional way of development teams working with UX. After this we will explain the current viewpoint of most Agile UX people. Finally we will end by explaining how Lean

Agile Engineering for the Web

Test-driven development, refactoring, evolutionary design… these Agile engineering techniques have long been established for back-end code. But what about the front-end? For too many teams, it’s dismissed with a “JavaScript sucks!” and unreliable, brittle code. This session

Architecting for an Agile Journey

This presentation shares experience learned about creating a software architecture for 500 Agile teams around the world, and the culture of design that was needed. You will get insights on how the role of the classic enterprise

Making Mad Men More Agile

The Mad Men era in advertising agencies is truly on the way out and collaborative agency models are spreading faster than the traditional top down approach. Agile principles can be used to great effect in advertising agencies

Yet Another Boring Discussion

How comes that when 10 people gather to discuss a problem usually only 3 or 4 of them really participate? And why the rest looks so bored? Let us discuss how to turn our oh-no-yet-again-a-boring-discussion into something