ASP.NET MVC: Episode 3 with Charlie Poole – Returning Blog Entries

In this third episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole build tests that verify that their blog can return blog entries. They build unit tests for the case when there are no entries returned and the case when a single entry is returned.

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 2 with Charlie Poole – Creating Unit Tests with NUnit

In this second episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole create the ASP.NET MVC application with Visual Studio and run their first unit tests with NUnit. Charlie Poole explains that you can take shorter or longer steps when testing depending on your confidence level.

ASP.NET MVC: Episode 1 with Charlie Poole – Generating User Stories

In this first episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole discuss the ASP.NET MVC Blog application. They start by generating a small number of user stories that represent how the customer will interact with the Blog application.

Controlling Complexity in Agile and Traditional Development

Featured speaker Thomas Murphy, Gartner Research Director, and Ben Chelf, Coverity CTO review how traditional and agile development organizations are leveraging new analysis techniques to accelerate the delivery of secure, high quality applications in today’s competitive software industry and the latest advances in static analysis and how these developments are …