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Kanban and Accelerated Emergence of High Maturity

Kanban is proving a key enabler in the development of a kaizen culture and has been shown to create the emergence of high maturity behaviors (CMMI model level 4 & 5) whilst remaining true to Agile and Lean values. This presentation is based on case studies over a four year period. Teams using Kanban are empirically observed to practice quantitative management with many utilizing statistical process control as part of an objective continuous improvement and project management program. Cross team process performance appraisal has been observed. Root cause analysis and elimination is often commonplace and a Toyota style kaizen and kaka improvement program is also common. Kanban teams have been seen to evolve to these high maturity practices in unprecedented short time frames such as 9 months. This presentation will discuss why high maturity is both desirable and necessary from a business perspective and a process adoption perspective, report evidence of high maturity on teams using Kanban, discuss the emergence of high maturity behavior without a formal process definition, and debate the cultural reasons why Kanban may be responsible for accelerated achievement of high maturity.

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