Dogfooding Kanban

Chris Hefley is President and co-founder of Bandit Software, the makers of the online Kanban tool “LeanKit Kanban”. About a year ago, we began to assemble an international team of developers to build out the software we had envisioned. If you need a break from erudite dispositions, scholarly research, hard evidence and sound theory, then stop by and hear this collection of tidbits, tall tales and unfounded accusations. It’s about learning to walk, and those moments where we looked at each other and said “Dude…we suck at Kanban” – and what we did to get better at it. In this session, we’ll share some lessons learned from dogfooding our own product, managing a highly distributed team, working 19 hours a day, and figuring out how to apply Kanban to our own development process. We’ll also talk about things we’ve learned from observing and interacting with our users – how they’ve responded to an electronic kanban tool, and how they’ve implemented kanban in their organizations.

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