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Learning to Lean

During the past several years, we’ve each probably been building own path of learning with regard to Lean. Maybe we started with the Agile Manifesto, moved into the Poppendiecks’ books, and then spread out from there. We may have concentrated on Womack and Jones 5 Principles in “Lean Thinking”; or the 14 principles from the Lean Thinking House in Liker’s “The Toyota Way”. Maybe we really got hooked through the 7 wastes in software development elaborated in “Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit”. In this session, I would like to create inquiry about where we have been with regard to Lean and where we may/should be headed. Is Lean a fundamental formulation for helping Agile mature? Is it different than Agile? Are we creating dangerous assumptions as we define Lean in the software development world? What are we still missing when we talk about Lean in our world?

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