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Discovering Lean at Hewlett Packard

The Hewlett Packard LaserJet Development team used systems engineering tools to discover the laws of Lean and increase the productivity of developing embedded and server based software by hundreds of percent. Learn from the actual work done on LaserJet products these laws of Lean. You will learn:
* How to increase software developer productivity dramatically while making the developers happier
* Lean approaches that reduce the risk of schedule slip even on very new and complex projects
* The keys to using Kanban and other principles that give constant high productivity on any size of project
* How to move from slow, costly and inaccurate planning to fast, inexpensive and accurate planning
* Learn about an approach to testing to get the best results available with Lean
* How to have accurate status to build credibility with your management
* Why some Agile efforts are much more successful
* How to have confidence in applying Lean to your important projects

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