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10 ways to screw up with Scrum & XP

Scrum & XP may sound deceptively simple. But once you get down to the everyday practical stuff there are many subtle traps hiding about. Common mistakes that are easy to make and hard to detect, mistakes that cancel out many of the benefits that Agile methods were supposed to give. In this talk I’ll go through the most common mistakes, how to detect them, what the effect is, and how to address them. This talks assumes that you have basic knowledge of Scrum and XP.

Best Speaker Award at Jfokus 2008 – Henrik Kniberg is a consultant at Crisp in Stockholm, specializing in Java and Agile software development. He takes a holistic approach and enjoys adopting different roles such as manager, developer, Scrum Master, teacher, or coach. He is passionate about helping companies build excellent software and excellent teams, taking on whatever role is necessary. His interests and twelve years of experience cover most aspects of the art of software development including team leadership, development, architecture, requirements management, configuration management, and quality assurance. As cofounder of several Swedish IT companies he has spent many years experimenting with agile processes in teams of up to 45 people. In late 2005 Kniberg was contracted as chief of development at a Swedish company in the gaming business. The company was in a crisis situation with urgent organizational and technical problems. Using Scrum and XP as a tool, he helped the company out of the crisis by implementing agile and lean principles at all levels in the company. This is described in the popular book “Scrum and XP from the trenches”.