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Engaging Remote Software Development Teams

This presentation explores how you can use User Research insights to create a better understanding of the factual use of product among developers, while at the same time engaging developers in thinking about user flows and product

Adapting Agile to Distributed Teams

Agile is the most effective project management methodology for distributed teams, but there are adaptations to the process that can improve effectiveness for these teams. Chuck Lewin shares his recent experiences of leading software development teams spread

User Stories are Overrated

Tom Gilb presents the limitations and dangers of using Agile user stories to describe and manage requirements at the Smidig 2012 conference in Oslo.

User Stories : PMI-ACP Agile Certification

This video presentss the conversation tool of requirement gathering “User Stories”

Agile Requirements Traceability

This video is a high level introduction into agile requirements traceability. It demonstrates an example of agile requirements traceability. We discuss an example user story and show how detailed requirements captured as test tables can be used