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Test-driven development in Flex

This presentation will demonstrate how to implement user stories taking a test-first approach and how to set up a continuous build.

Automated Unit Testing with Palm Mojo SDK

In this webcast we’ll introduce Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Jasmine (a BDD framework for JavaScript); install Jasmine and add related code to the app to support BDD; discuss how to write a failing test first, then

Achieving Web Test Automation with a Mixed-Skill

Test automation is commonly perceived as a technical job, which should be done by technical people. In reality however, a considerable amount of non-technical activities contribute to the creation and maintenance of an automated test suite. Whilst

Test Driving GUI with Approval Tests

This video shows why you want to write unit tests for the perspectives of specifications, feedback, regression & granularity. Then write a GUI in C# using Windows Forms & Approval Tests. ApprovalTests is an open source tool

More Test Driven Development With Javascript: JsTestDriver

Demonstration of JsTestDrive technology and how you can use it to TDD your JavaScript code. Good blog  posting evaluating JsTestDrive