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ASP.NET MVC: Episode 2 with Charlie Poole – Creating Unit Tests with NUnit

In this second episode, Stephen Walther and Charlie Poole create the ASP.NET MVC application with Visual Studio and run their first unit tests with NUnit. Charlie Poole explains that you can take shorter or longer steps when

JUnit Tutorial

A brief tutorial on how to use the JUnit testing framework for Java.

Writing Testable Code

Misko Hevery made a presentation at Google Tech Talks about unit testing. He tells us that “There is no secret to writing tests… … there are only secrets to writing testable code!”. He describes the different category

GTAC 2007: Cedric Beust – Test NG

Cedric is a software engineer at Google. He is the creator of the testing framework TestNG and he regularly speaks at conferences about software testing and other programming related topics.

Painless Unit Testing: TheServerSide Tech Brief

Alberto Savoia, the CTO and co-founder of Agitar Software, talks about their new AgitarOne, a tool for dealing with what some call “the steaming pile of legacy code”. Legacy in this context is the code hasn’t been