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Herding Creative Cats with Agile

How the Agile toolkit helped to shape and build our creative design processes, and how our fun and visual take on it helped us to herd our 20 strong team of creative cats.

Growing Teams: Notes of an Amateur Team Gardener

This presentation shares some experience and discoveries on the topic of Growing Teams. What does it take to grow a team? What environment facilitates team growth? What distinguishes great teams? What can kill teams? What are characteristics

Agile in the Real Trenches

The Agile principle of “trusting work to the self-organizing, self-managing teams” is radically different to the military doctrine of “strict top-down hierarchy, command & control”. Yet almost a 100 years ago this idea was tried out on

Bring Sanity to Agility

This presentation discusses experiences within teams as they attempt to embrace change and find, to their dismay, that their software itself can’t keep up. Diving through technical solutions and patterns, you will learn how to avoid building

Navigating Politics in Agile Teams

Have you ever wondered why, when you’ve finally got Agile/Lean working nicely in your software engineering team, managers or ‘outsiders’ can come in and create politics ‘un-necessarily’, despite your best efforts? Have you ever sat there in