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How TDD/BDD Miss the Point: Introducing EDD

Ruby’s testing culture goes way back, and has been a force for making many Ruby projects a showcase for solid, maintainable code. That said, within a business an exclusive focus on TDD and BDD can easily miss

Listening to Test Smells

This talk is about how to use the stresses of writing unit tests to improve your code. If I’m having trouble writing tests, it’s often because the design of my target code can be improved. The trick

What to Test and When

Now that unit testing and test-driven development have hit the mainstream, more and more companies are beginning to embrace these agile practices. What isn’t always clear is which practice is most useful in which scenario, and how

Making Code More Testable – Breaking Static Dependencies

This screencast tries to cover how the static dependencies in constructor could be broken. Watch this screencast on

Test-Driven Development With Refactoring

Success on an Agile project relies heavily on the people in the trenches. Developers, testers, and product managers focused together, can deliver astonishing accomplishments in a short amount of time. Extraordinary results require discipline, motivation and alignment.