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The Value of Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Dean Leffingwell, founder and CEO of Scaled Agile, discusses his new video, “Leading Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) LiveLessons,” results that enterprises who adopt SAFe are seeing, the must-have SAFe practices, and the keys to successful enterprise adoption

How to Improve Productivity with DevOps & SAFe

DevOps and SAFe adoption is not easy. This session will discuss a real world DevOps/SAFe transformation and the lessons learned by exploring how a Fortune 100 company transformed from a traditional software shop to an Agile organization.

Organize an Agile Release Train in SAFe

Dean Leffingwell discusses implementing the agile release train, which is the primary value delivery vehicle inside the scaled agile framework.

Agility at Scale: Platform vs Product Concerns

A common failure mode for organisations attempting to adopt an Agile style of software development occurs when an attempt is made to “Scale Agile”. Suddenly, the organisation finds that there are scheduling problems between teams. Delivery team

Scaling Lean and Agile Development

Craig Larman discusses large, multisite and offshore product delivery with large-Ssale Scrum at Valtech France.