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Just in Time Agile Requirements

A small video on to share ideas on how business analysts should participate in the Agile development process. Related article: Agile Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements: Do User Stories Really Help?

How does a team make sure they don’t lose sight of “non-functional requirements”? Are user stories of any use to make infrastructure more visible in the product backlog? This video presents how teams attempted to resolve these

Requirements Traceability Introduction

This video demonstrates an example of agile requirements traceability. We discuss an example user story and show how detailed requirements captured as test tables can be used to build executable specifications and aid the design process. Finally

How TDD/BDD Miss the Point: Introducing EDD

Ruby’s testing culture goes way back, and has been a force for making many Ruby projects a showcase for solid, maintainable code. That said, within a business an exclusive focus on TDD and BDD can easily miss

Go Behave! A BDD Framework for the Go Programming Language

Gospecify is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Go. Rather than focus on testing every nook and cranny of some code, it helps a programmer produce an executable specification of that code’s behavior. Go’s syntax allowed gospecify