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Refactoring PyChart

PyChart is a very nice program for producing print quality graphs. This video explains how PyChart package was refactored in order to make a nice and clean API. This talk is focused on teaching refactoring methodology to

Functional Testing Tools in Python

As we become more efficient at producing web sites, inevitably the issue of quality (or lack thereof) can begin to slow the velocity at which implementation teams are able to move forward. Functional testing tools can help

Functional Testing of Desktop Applications

Many advocates of unit testing believe that testing desktop (GUI) applications is so difficult as to not be worth it. Not only is it possible, but ‘functional testing’ (testing an application from the point of view of

Refactoring A Cyclomatic Complexity Script

An example of refactoring to clean up a python script. Blog source of the video

Building an Automated QA Infrastructure using Open-Source Python Tools

The benefits of continuous test integration are well known. Setting up an infrastruture for this can be a lot of work. It involves integration with version control, automated product building and running of tests, reporting on results