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Portfolio Planning and Prioritisation at Scale

This talk is about how to do portfolio planning and prioritization at scale based on experiences within one of the largest banks in The Netherlands. I’ll elaborate on practices we developed, show examples and discuss how we

Predictability Without the Gamble of Poker

Often knowing when something will be delivered is important. Activities like hiring and purchasing have a lead time and can mean that organisations need to know when the product will ship. But Hofstadter’s law, the planning fallacy

Financial Prioritization of Projects

One of the reasons why traditional planning fails when we manage innovative projects, is because the work reported in the plan is not prioritized by the value to the user and the customer. Many traditional plans are

Story Points

John Martin briefly explains how to use story points.

Agile Planning Beyond the Next Iteration

Being able to make plans with different horizons and level of detail is crucial to synchronizing the activities that’s part of putting together product releases. Be it marketing campaigns, training, or resource planning. This presentation discusses how